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"Finally! Learn how to achieve that vision of your life that you've had for decades"

(And the best part... you DON'T have to do it alone!!)

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COMING February 2020!!

We will be hosting an in person, 2-day personal growth retreat where you will learn how to master your physical, nutritional, holistic, and mental health. Pick from your favorite instructor below to get intimate time to learn and ask question about the topics that matter most to YOU!


- Create something of your own

Succeed with others

- Take your life back and achieve more

If you want to create the life you've always wanted, get your ideal "YOU" body back, or even if you just want to make the next few decades, the best few decades, then this is the most important page you'll read all year!

Here's why...

because in today's fast paced world, you need a "gang" of ladies who have been there and can help you blaze your own trail without you having to take all the arrows!!

69% Of Women Are Willing To Take On A Project That Is New To Them.

Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You'll Get Out Of This Weekend...

You'll discover exactly how to get ahead in your career to make the MOST money available to you.

You'll understand exactly what the BEST nutrition is for YOUR body so you can stop wasting money on things that don’t work

You'll skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that prevent MOST women from rising above the crowd in their profession

You'll know the exact process of overcoming the “knowledge-action gap”, so you move forward at a faster rate

You'll have a TON of new friends to help you through the process. Success no longer has to be a solo journey

Successful women helps the ENTIRE workforce!!

When you get that award at work, or next pay raise, think about how good you’ll feel in that moment… and even BETTER, you’ll have others to share that victory with!!

When you achieve that next level of success, think about what you just proved to yourself. Now think about what else you can accomplish.

See yourself sharing with your friends at parties or on Facebook about how you finally broke through that goal you’ve been focused on for so long

So Here's The Bottom Line With The ‘Girl Gang Evolution’ Retreat

You're going to get a jam packed 2-day weekend with 4 ladies who, collectively have many accolades and have already proven themselves in the workplace. Whether its nutrition, mindset, holsistics, or physical fitness, we've got girls who are published authors, competitive and even professional athletes, as well as women who are recognized for over a decade in their profession. Whatever your struggle, we will help to meet and overcome those challenges, focusing in physical fitness, nutritional and “female-focused” hormonal health, holistic healing and winning the mental ground game. The value of this weekend combined is $1704 You get all of this for only $597..

Wanna Meet The 'Girl Gang' Team??

Meet Jordan Sessions

Jordan Sessions, our NEWEST Girl Gang team member, is originally from Austin, Texas.
- Competitive dance is where her career started. She earned awards and medals all over the country for dance.
She then danced professionally for 16 years across Los Angeles for different companies, choreographers, and various projects throughout the area.
- If you thought THAT was astounding, you'll be blown away by the fact that she's also got a background in kinesiology, anatomy, conditioning, and body recovery.
- Jordan is a NCSF certified personal trainer and her passion to help people achieve their fitness and wellness goals is what led her to the fitness industry.
- Outside of the gym, you can find her hiking, running, traveling or just enjoying live music within the city. Jordan is a hands hands-on coach and helps people discover
how strong they really are. One-on-One instructing and attention is something Jordan tries to do as a coach in all of her sessions and classes.

Generally a session with Jordan runs $150/hr. This weekend you're getting her for 1.5 hours. That's a $225 Value!!

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Meet Dr. Beth Westie

Dr. Beth Westie, has her Doctorate of Chiropractic, she's also got her certification in Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine as well as massage therapy. Beth has owned her own clinic as the Lead Doctor for 7 years. Beth is a busy, and highly accomplished woman. She had 2 kids while in graduate school and 1 in the first year of growing a high volume business.
- Beth earned a volleyball scholarship for college, but then decided to play women’s full tackle professional football. Beth is an internationally recognized bestselling author of the Book, 'The Female Fat Solution'. She is also the creator of the '12 Week Female Fat Solution Challenge'. In addition to ALL of that, she also the host of 'The Female Health Solution' Podcast.
- She is no stranger to struggles of her own. "After selling my office to write and speak, lost most of my “friends” who told me I was "making a mistake". But through the hardtimes, she
has been able to help thousands of women over the past decade resolve hormone and weight issues.

- Working with Dr. Beth Westie on an hourly basis could run you $200/hr. This weekend you're getting her for 1.5 hours. That's a $300 Value!!

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Meet Erin Oberlander

Erin Oberlander, now a certified Holistic Aromatherapist, had orignally got her Doctorates of Musical Arts, but then over the years, life threw many curveballs at her like it does us all. She had half of her thyroid removed, battled long-term weight loss resistance, she had an undiagnosed brain injury for most of her life, and balanced very rare and unique genetic challenges.
- She knew that her obstacles didn't define her, and she was tired of being dismissed by the medical community and most of the people around her. She did what any determined person would do, she searched for her own answers which is why she is so passionate about helping others to take back their power as it relates to their health and well-being.
- This is how Praire Soap House & Apothecary was born. Getting to know her, you can really tell this is her passion.

If you were to pay an hourly rate for the work that Erin does from start to finish it would be about $125/hr. This weekend you're getting her for 1.5 hours. That's a $187 Value!!

Don't Miss Your Spot!!

Meet Kristi Data (Founder/CEO)

Kristi Data, is a Kick Ass, Alpha Female. There is nothing that she puts her mind to that she can't accomplish. Kristi is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, Certified
Values Coach (DeMartini Institute), as a collegiate athlete, she won a Division 1 Scholarship at Clemson University for Volleyball, is a NYFITFEST 2019 Lifestyle Ambassador, and CEO & Founder of Girl Gang
Evolution. Like the other girls, she has had her own fair share of life struggles, Eating disorder, Divorce, Major financial debt, to name a few. Kristi has been a Restaurant Owner, and is currently a Medical Sales Rep
Kristi's number one goal in life is to empower other women to identify what is holding them back, and helping them to overcome those obstacles. This is why she was so passionate about creating
the Girl Gang Evolution. She wanted to make a difference in the lives of other women and this gave her that ability.

Kristi is forever on the go, and blocking out some of her time could run $150/hr. This weekend you're getting her as well for 1.5 hours. That's an additional $225 Value!!

Come To The Retreat!!

Still Not Convinved? Let Us Sweeten The Pot For You Even More With These Instant Bonuses For Acting Now...

Bonus #1: 23 Session Podcast

When you sign up right now for the "Girl Gang Evolution Retreat", you also get instant access to the 23 Session Podcast I did where I literally take you through the entire process of being 8 weeks out from a show, all the way through to the 1 week post show routine. There is so much value you in here from selecting the right coaches, picking the right hotels, (if you're a busy lady like myself), and even how to get through the airport without needing to buy new stuff when you get there.

Real Value: $297

Bonus #2: Recipes For ‘Your Cycle’ Cookbook

You’ll get an ebook copy of Beth’s 80 Recipe Cookbook that is designed with food options specifically for a woman’s monthly cycle. These are some of my Beth’s favorite, family friendly recipes designed to match each phase of the female cycle. Cooling recipes to enhance Estrogen’s carb burning properties as well as Warming recipes to enhance Progesterone’s fat burning properties… all laid out for you, you just have to cook it.

Real Value: 

Bonus #3: 15-minute 'Discovery’ Call

I will help you to identify the values by which you operate from. These are the values that are most important to you. Identifying this will help you to make better decisions by filtering what leads you closer to your values and away from those things you don’t value as high.

Real Value: 

Bonus #4: Apothecary Preparation

Erin creates a special blend specifically for a client’s needs.  With 100 ladies coming to this retreat, Erin will be creating something a little broader that will still meet your independent needs. Generally this is something she charges $35-50 to prepare. As a part of the Girl Gang Evolution Retreat, she will be waiving that preparation cost for you and you’ll be going home with your very own customized inhaler.

Real Value: 

Bonus #5: SWAG BAG

You’re going to get your very own SWAG BAG. Alana Athletica is one of our sponsors and they will be contributing a pair of leggings specially created FOR GIRL GANG EVOLUTION for each of you that come to this event. (An $80 Value) In addition to that you will also get X% off of Dr. Beth Westie’s programs and 20% off of Erin Oberlander’s Individual seasons of ISLA program ($99 savings) as well as other surprises

Real Value: 

You'll also get these bonuses for FREE!! Which have a total value of $767... they're yours FREE when you sign up now!

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Need More Proof?

Hear from ladies at a previous event we did in New York..

"Girl gang is a day full of women empowerment, self-love and care. A place where you get some secrets to inner AND outer beauty… and of course, it’s powered by women. I realized I had so much to learn about my hormones! Things that no one tells you until it’s too late. Give it a shot! The worst that can happen is you had a great workout, won a prize, and maybe meet a new ‘girl gang’ friend! You have to come! You’ll love it! Last time I got a free pair of leggings and a ton of ideas for protein balls!"

Hair Stylist

"The event was well produced and brought together top experts in all the key areas important for women to truly thrive. If you want to maximize your fitness by learning quick HIIT workouts that can be done anywhere; learn how to connect more deeply with your thoughts and have them become your actions; understand how your hormonal cycles have a direct effect on your weight loss efforts AND all of the health benefits of essential oils you NEED to go to Girl Gang!! It is a fantastic way to connect with like-minded amazing women. There were so many amazing moments, but one of the most exciting moments was winning Dr. Beth Westie's book! If you are on the fence, it is worth the time- ESPECIALLY if you are looking for ways to maximize your health and fitness efforts. She is super knowledgable, approachable and will truly understand what motivates you and will tailor a program that works for you and your schedule. Not to mention her lifestyle and attitude is inspiring and encouraging. "

Corporate Executive

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